Our vision is to become a global player in clean and renewable energy projects from selection to investment, implementation and operation.
The time for addressing the planet’s energy requirements via alternative non-fossil based, methods is now. Enerpro and its subsidiaries are constantly monitoring the changes in this exciting industry. Both the founders and directors, and most of the Investors, descend from a long line of shipping principals and operators. Their forefathers’ foresight, persistence and tireless energy allowed them to identify opportunities that lay ahead. They entered the industry early and created a successful, respected and abiding legacy of excellence within their chosen field. Enerpro derives its roots from the same history and tradition. The founders and directors, wish to follow a similar strategy based on time-honoured best practices through responsible management for the conservation and protection of the environment.

It is our belief that technology innovation in the clean and renewable energy sector opens up new opportunities to overcome these challenges.