The Company

Enerpro Ltd was established in Cyprus in December 2005 as a result of extensive research carried out into the emerging target sectors of clean and renewable energy. Enerpro’s primary objective is to create value by implementing and profitably operating clean and renewable energy projects around the globe.

We are committed to protecting and safeguarding both energy supply and consumption, and the environment. The Company’s initial focus was given to the Greek Wind Energy market. The regulatory framework surrounding wind energy at the time was the one exhibiting the highest level of maturity, combined with the most attractive incentives.

 Currently, Enerpro’s operations are international in scope, extending across a variety of clean and renewable energy sectors. The company’s strategy is to increase shareholder value through the expansion of its portfolio and the diversification of its operations. In order to meet these goals Enerpro has made a commitment to ensuring quality, health and safety (QHSE) and sustainability, always governed by the highest ethical standards.