Operational Excellence

• Enerpro aims to become a significant player in the clean and renewable energy industry, concentrating
on wind, solar and hydro-electric developments in Europe, along with projects in the same and other
sectors in the Far East.

• Operates with solid business ethics, diligent in evaluating opportunities, proactive, straightforward in
operation, and has clear processes and a transparent structure.

• Utilizes relevant state-of-the-art technology and retains and/or contracts services that have:

o Extensive experience in the Target Sectors;
o Deep technical knowledge;
o Acute financial structuring experience;
o Industry-wide and international relationships;
o Broad and industry specific commercial understanding

• Strives for first-time-right execution and can guarantee top-of-class service.

• Is led by highly proficient individuals, making use of strategic advisors with multi-dimensional expertise who
combine their diverse skills and knowledge to create an impressively strong team.

• Has a focused strategy and clear line of action.