In South East Asia, Clean and Renewable Energy (C.R.E.) is projected to provide up to 40% of South East Asia’s main energy requirements over the next ten years.

Renewable Energy is now one of the highest growth areas in business in this part of the world, with institutional appetite for financing such projects, government support in all Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM) related projects along with attractive incentives for C.R.E. project development.

Enerpro has examined and researched the diverse opportunities to be found in these countries, and is well versed in the potential economic and environmental impact of C.R.E. sources, and the expansion and gains to be made by prudent project development. The importance of C.R.E in this area merited a strong presence through a dedicated company with local partners, so Magenko was formed to be Enerpro’s subsidiary company in South East Asia.

Magenko’s representation in the region is complemented by the consultants and experts that have been selected to represent the company. They have been chosen on the basis of their experience and expertise in the target sectors, and their ability to assess and propose relevant projects.

These professionals have lived in these countries for many years; have invaluable connections and influential contacts, and consequently possess extensive experience in design and implementation of projects related to C.R.E.

The aforementioned elements are applicable to our key associates and partners as well. “Carbon Partners Asiatica”, is a boutique consulting firm that is dedicated to the best interest of the project owners. They provide high-quality carbon consulting services for the Carbon Development Mechanism (CDM) process, and are staffed with a team of highly experienced professionals including some key former executives of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities. Their expertise is renowned globally. “Organics”, builds systems for the control and minimization of pollution, develops and employs renewable energy technologies and constructs facilities for the recycling of resources. It is staffed with highly specialized and experienced professionals who have been involved in approximately 300 installations since 1985. Finally, “I. Frantzis & Associates Ltd.” with numerous years of accumulated experience, provides specific expert advice and knowledge in the field of Waste Management, Utilization and Energy.

There are several projects under way, with a long pipeline of others under investigation, and Magenko will seek to build on the team as required to progress them. The company salutes and respects the history and culture of this region. The diligence, care, concern and responsibility with which Magenko will create and operate these projects will ensure protection of the local environment and will always be governed by strict environmental standards.